Risk level

All at sea

Are you like a fish in water? As a diver, you'll be working among the fish and sunken wrecks. Construction divers are underwater construction workers, while salvage divers retrieve sunken objects. The rescue services also employ some divers. There are many risks associated with being a diver, and it is important to feel confident underwater, to be fit and not to have problems with your airways.

What are the risks?

Working underwater is strenuous, and divers can work up to 50 metres below the surface. If you have asthma or other problems with your airways that are particularly noticeable when you exert yourself, it may be difficult to become a diver because of the health risks involved.

Divers wear either a drysuit or a wetsuit at work, and this is not good news for your skin. The job necessarily involves lots of contact with water, which could make the problems worse if you have eczema or sensitive skin.

Prevention and avoidance

It's important that divers stay fit so that they can work in difficult conditions. Medical examinations are carried out regularly to check their health. If you have problems with your airways that are aggravated when you exert yourself, think carefully before deciding to become a diver. Avoid skin problems by rubbing in skin cream daily.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or want to know more about asthma, allergy and eczema when working as a diver, get in touch with your school nurse or careers adviser.