Risk level

No flies in the soup

Waiters and waitresses rush around and meet many people when serving diners with food and drink. Even though guests can sometimes be difficult, it's the frequent handwashing that can make the job hard for anyone prone to hand eczema. But there are ways of getting round these problems.

What are the risks?

Waiters and waitresses look after diners, recommend food and drink, serve meals and keep the tables nice and tidy. They can work in many different types of restaurant, from small lunch spots where they are also expected to help with the washing up, to luxury gourmet eateries. They wash their hands frequently, wipe tables and load up the dishwasher, which can irritate the skin. Waiters and waitresses also deal with money, which can be a problem for anyone with a nickel allergy.

Prevention and avoidance

There are many different types of job for waiters and waitresses. Rubbing cream into your hands during rests and before and after work is an effective and easy way of strengthening your skin and preventing eczema.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or want to know more about asthma, allergy and eczema when working as a waiter/waitress, get in touch with your school nurse or careers adviser.